The World’s Perspective

Take a look at Alopecia in the news and their perspective on the disease!

Research & Treatments

I’m always excited to hear of research, trials, and discussions happening. The voice of the patient is an FDA publication reported in March of 2018 regarding how Alopecia changes the lives of the people diagnosed, and treatments that are currently in practice. The FDA took a good sample of people with different strains of Alopecia, parents of diagnosed children and other representatives to include in their studies. Hopefully, in the future, we are able to find a cure, and this starts with discussion and increasing the understanding of Alopecia.

The Voice of the Patient


Inspiring Stories

January of 2018 in Tennessee, a girl experienced a bullying incident similar to mine (read more on mine here). It’s heartbreaking to know decades later things like this are still happening. Bullying is not ok and it’s hard on a girl trying to figure out how to love herself and to consider herself beautiful now with Alopecia. I’m happy to see Lulu gained strength from the incident, and hope her all the best in the future.

Lulu’s Story

Kevin Bull was a contestant on America Ninja Warrior and used his diagnoses of Alopecia as a way to encourage others and to spread awareness. He has done great things with the Children’s Alopecia Project and I hope continues on with his great journey and drive to help people understand what Alopecia really is and how it will never change the possibilities someone is able to reach. I located Kevin Bull’s website but found he’s more active on Facebook and shares really inspiring things!

Kevin Bull’s Facebook