What My Bald Perspective Includes

I created My Bald Perspective with the main focus of sharing my perspective of Alopecia and for creating a voice within the Alopecia world that could hopefully support, educate, and encourage people. I’m not looking to be famous or make tons of money, I just wanna be that person someone can turn to when Alopecia is just too much to bear alone.

So before you read other ramblings by me on this site here’s what I call a sitemap.

My Bald Perspective: This section will be writings by me from moments in my life and the information/research I’d like to share from the vast overwhelming at times internet.

Guest Perspective: This will include perspectives from other people diagnosed with Alopecia, family, and friends of people diagnosed, and medical professionals. I want to provide an all-around perspective on how Alopecia affects people.

Your Perspective: The forum is on the site to provide a way for people to speak their minds. This is an area for anyone under their name or anonymously to talk about Alopecia, wigs, makeup, anything that you wish. Support is important on the path of life with Alopecia and finding someone who knows what’s going on can be really helpful. I can also say for the few family members that knew about my Alopecia when I was growing up they were at a loss for words because they didn’t know what to say or how to make me feel better, so this forum is really for everyone!

Resources: I currently wear a wig and have been for the whole time I’ve been diagnosed. I’ve purchased wigs many different ways, and have purchased a large amount of different cosmetic and personal accessories catering towards hiding my Alopecia. I will continually work on a list of things I recommend, sites I purchase from, and in the future will buy new items to try them out and give my honest opinion.

The World’s Perspective: I wanted a space to share the perspective of the media and larger companies/organizations that increase the discussion of Alopecia. This will include inspiring stories, treatments making a wave, and research that beginning.

Contact: I would love to hear from you! So just put in the info and drop me an email. I’m happy to listen to your thoughts, ideas for this site, questions you’d like me to research, places you purchase things, or just to say hi!

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