Tattoo Studio Brow Gel

Maybelline Tattoo Studio Waterproof Brow Gel

So brow gel, I wanted to give it a try because it’s a new cosmetic product I’ve heard about lately and wanted to know exactly how it would play a role in creating realistic eyebrows for someone with Alopecia.

Now, this was interesting. I applied the eyebrow gel in small brush strokes until I achieved the shape of eyebrows.

They looked pretty bad, like really bushy caterpillars. I also noticed that my skin became irritated from the gel, and the longer I had the gel on the redder my skin appeared. Unfortunately, I removed the eyebrow gel and thought this was a bust.

Then I remembered! My guy happens to have hair missing from one of his eyebrows. Now, this is not due to hair loss but from an injury during his MMA years.

Here is his eyebrow, and yes he keeps his head buzzed, we’re a couple of baldies, and help each other shave our heads! Talk about a one of a kind bonding activity!

You can see the line of no hair within the bushy brown eyebrow. Now I applied the eyebrow gel as instructed and here is his eyebrow after application.

His comments were: I don’t feel anything and it doesn’t burn or feel sensitive, and nothing came off when I scratched it a little (after the gel dried).


Now after the eyebrow gel dried I used the included second brush to work the gel into his hair and to shape the eyebrow as a whole. Here are both eyebrows for comparison, the right eyebrow is the treated one:

So here is my review.

Application: The eyebrow gel includes 2 brushes, one within the gel for applying, and one separately in the box to brush the eyebrows after the gel has dried. Application on my guy was easy and did not take long at all.

Wearability: My guy stated that the eyebrow gel felt totally fine and he couldn’t even tell he had it on. He actually forgot after I told him to do something else while it dried! Now Maybelline states you can use one application for 2 days, sadly I can’t confirm that one since my guy wouldn’t leave the house with it on. Once I was removing the gel from his hair with a makeup wipe I did see how it had some durability to it, so I think it would stand up to a normal day or two of activity.

Realism: I think the eyebrow gel did a very good job at masking my guy’s scar and blended with the natural hair easily.

Who Should Use It: Eyebrow gel is definitely geared towards women who have a lot of eyebrow hair. I think the women who would benefit from this product the most are women with fine, maybe white hairs (from regrowth), who are looking to make the hair they have look fuller. I would not recommend this for someone like me who doesn’t have any eyebrows. It reminds me of mascara but for eyebrow hair instead of eyelashes.

Variety: This eyebrow gel is available in many different colors, so I believe many people would be able to locate the shade desired.

Value: I purchased this tube of eyebrow gel from CVS with a retail cost of $10.99. The tube includes .23 fl oz which is a pretty small tube. For my basic level of cosmetic use, I wouldn’t advise in buying this eyebrow gel. For the simple act of darkening eyebrow hairs I believe there should be options out there that may require daily application, but can be less expensive.

Overall Opinion: My sensitive skin did not like the eyebrow gel, so I’m less likely to try different brands in the future. I believe if you have a fair amount of eyebrow hair and just want the shade of the hair changed, this product is for you. If you are like me and looking for an eyebrow replacement product I wouldn’t suggest this gel.