Instant Brows

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This review is somewhat nostalgic. When I first started losing my eyebrows over 20 years ago by first attempts at recreating them was with Instant Brows. While the packaging has changed since then, the product is still the same, which is great!

I purchased the round and arched styles from Sally Beauty Supply and used my standard brown brow liner pencil. Figuring out whether you like arched or rounded better is really best as trial and error. Purchase each one, put both styles on, complete your makeup routine, and place your wig on if you wear one. Take a look at your awesome self, take some selfies, really get a feel of what you’ll look like with each style and then go from there. 

Application: Applying Instant Brows is pretty simple for sure and compared to someone who is new/inexperienced with freehand drawing. You place the adhesive sticker directly to where you want the eyebrows to be. The positive side of them being adhesive is you don’t have to hold them while drawing with the brow liner, so they won’t move out of place or start slipping off your face.

Once you have filled in the stencil and removed them you’re good to go!

Wearability: I like to choose brow liners that are waterproof, but keep in mind, brow and eyeliners will smudge when you touch them, so these will rub off if you wear hats, itch with your finger, etc.

Realism: Now the way I colored the stencils in you won’t see hair strokes, and it’s a more flat look, so up close they will not have a highly realistic look. If you are just adding brow liner to sparse eyebrows I do think this will help with realism since you’ll have some hair strokes within the liner. Who Should Use It: What’s good about Instant Brow is the flexibility of who can use them. Whether you have no eyebrows, very sparse, or want a way to shape the ones you have Instant Brows can work!

Variety: Instant Brows are available in round and arched, so there isn’t much variety, but you can make sure the color of your brows match your look by using any brow liner color and brand you would like.

Value: You can purchase a pack of Instabrows for $4.49 Sally Beauty Supply which includes 6 sets of stencils. Since the stencils can be reused I would estimate a pack per month would work just fine. I always like to have extras just in case, so I would purchase a few packs and other items from Sally’s to reach the free shipping level!

Overall Opinion: For beginners that want to draw their eyebrows Instant Brows are good, they are simple to place on your face, and don’t take too long at all. There are many eyebrow techniques, and compared to the rest Instant Brow seems like a simple choice for someone with none or some eyebrows. The fact that you can stick them on in place while filling in, one set of stencils is reusable, and application time is short, I think Insta Brows are a good choice for the price.