Headcovers Unlimited Semi Permanent Eyebrow Tattoos

I purchased Headcovers Unlimited Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Tattoos in the medium brown classic shape. (find them here)

I received the sheet of eyebrows and the instructions.

Application: Very simple and fast. I cleaned my face and made sure it was completely dry. I placed the eyebrows in the location I wanted them, and then used a wet paper towel to press on the eyebrows.

Here are the eyebrows right after application:

I have a lot of allergies and high sensitivity to adhesives and a large range of cosmetics, so I was a little worried I’d react to these eyebrows. I can happily say I did not have any redness, itchiness, or tenderness from these eyebrows.

Now, these are a one-time application, so if you place one too high or too low you’ll have to remove it and use a new one, which I think is something to keep in mind when purchasing.

Wearability: Headcovers Unlimited states that these eyebrows can last 2-3 days, so I wanted to see if that was true! The night of application I washed all of my eye makeup off as usual and went to bed. I slept without any attempt to keep the eyebrows off my pillow or anything like that; I slept as I usually do, which sometimes involves my face planted into the pillow.

Here are the eyebrows the next morning!

The eyebrows didn’t seem to have any point of wear, ripping, or signs they were coming off. I completed my makeup as I usually did, which was surprisingly fast since I usually hand draw my eyebrows every morning free hand (more on that in another post).

So this wasn’t planned, but my first day with these eyebrows was actually a pretty good day to test! It was July 4th and temperatures in the high 90’s all day. I was sweating, wiping my forehead and the eyebrows a little, my skin was warm, and the sun was beating down on me.  Here are the eyebrows at 4:00 pm after many hours in the sun! I was very pleasantly surprised at how well these eyebrows looked at the end of the day.

Realism: I received many compliments on the eyebrows, and many people looked closely and noticed the hair strokes, which I believe is an important feature when looking for a realistic eyebrow look when you’ve lost your eyebrows to Alopecia.

Who Should Use Them: I only have just a few hairs sparsely placed for each eyebrow so it’s easier for me to just shave them. I do think women with no eyebrows at all would benefit more than ones with partial eyebrows. These eyebrows will completely cover your eyebrow area and I can see how hairs underneath could make these uneven or not lay completely flat to the face.

Variety: The #17 style which I purchased is available in eleven colors allowing for matching with natural hair and wigs from very dark brown to a light blonde. Headcovers Unlimited also has options in different styles, which I will be experimenting with in the future.

Value: The pack I purchased has 10 pairs of eyebrows for the cost of $5.99 totaling just about .60 cents per pair. Now if we average 2 days per set and 30 days in a month you’d have a cost per month of roughly $11.98 since I would allocate 2 packs for each month. If the average is 15 sets per month, having 20 sets would leave some breathing room in case you place one eyebrow unevenly, or there’s an accident when cutting off the sheet and you rip one.

Overall Opinion: I think these semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos are great for many different levels of makeup experience. For someone who just lost their eyebrows, this is an easy way to have a realistic look with minimal time for application. You don’t have to use a large number of products, and you can locate colors easily to match your current hair color and then a wig color if you transition. I also think for women who beautifully rock their bald wigs these would be great. When I hand draw my eyebrows they can really stand out against my bald head but with these eyebrows, it gave my face a softer look.