Why Tell My Perspective Now

So why tell my perspective on Alopecia now? Well, I woke up one day and thought: my Alopecia isn’t going anywhere, it’s not going to change, and it will always be a part of me. What I can change is how it affects me everyday. Before going public I had anxiety (still do btw), worrying if people found out I was wearing a wig, if someone would ask why I draw on my eyebrows, or if they’d in general just realize something was different about me. I am tired of holding onto extra anxiety and baggage I don’t need to have; I don’t need to be ashamed or depressed about the fact I don’t have hair. That day I realized Alopecia doesn’t have to hold me back; it can give me a voice to help, encourage, and educate others with Alopecia and those without.

I remember growing up wishing I knew someone else with Alopecia so at least one person could understand how I was feeling. Telling my perspective hopefully will allow me to be that one person for someone. Alopecia is a lonely disease, it can make you feel horrible things about yourself and change your personality. Yes, it’s just hair, but to someone with Alopecia it’s so much more than that.

It took me over twenty years to be ready to tell my perspective and now that I am I can’t wait to share everything! I just want to be a voice to a disease that doesn’t have many voices. I want to be the person someone can turn to, just to talk and vent to, I want to be the person someone can ask questions to so they are a little bit more prepared when addressing someone they know with Alopecia. This is why I’m telling my perspective and this is why I would love to hear from you! Go to the Contact page, email me directly, make a post on the Forum page, go to the website’s Facebook page, however you want to contact me; don’t hesitate!